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A Sociedade Brasileira de Física (SBF) convida todos os interessados a participar de um webinário sobre ótica quântica na próxima sexta-feira, dia 24 de março de 2023, às 10:00.

A palestra será ministrada pela Profa. Laura Mancinska, da Universidade de Copenhagen, e terá como título “The subtleties of self-testing”.

“In the recent years self-testing has grown into a rich and active area of study with applications ranging from practical verification of quantum devices to deep complexity theoretic results.  Self-testing allows a classical verifier to deduce which quantum measurements and on what state are used, for example, by provers Alice and Bob in a nonlocal game. Hence, self-testing as well as its noise-tolerant cousin, robust self-testing, are desirable features for a nonlocal game to have. Contrary to what one might expect, we have a rather incomplete understanding of if and how self-testing could fail to hold. In particular, could it be that every 2-party nonlocal game or Bell inequality with a quantum advantage certifies the presence of a specific quantum state? Also, is it the case that every self-testing result can be turned robust with enough ingeniuty and effort? We answer these questions in the negative by providing simple and fully explicit counterexamples.

In addition to the above counterexamples we will discuss some commonly made assumptions that might limit the applications of existing self-tests. Specifically, we will focus on the assumption where self-testing only applies to strategies which employ projective measurements, pure states or states with full Schmidt rank.”

O webinário será transmitido ao vivo pelo canal da SBF no YouTube, através do link:

Não perca essa oportunidade de aprimorar seus conhecimentos em ótica quântica!